Dhaka - Textile

My name is Parvin. I make home blankets. Before my marriage, I worked at a garments factory as a helper. My husband is blind. He sings in the street and sells newspapers. It is not enough for my family. My husband doesn’t allow me to work at garments, but it is difficult to pay house rent and maintain other costs with his earning. I looked for work. One of my neighbors worked at Basha Enterprises. She introduced me here. They offered me to make home blankets. It’s like a blessing for me. I can stay at my house and earn some money. Since my husband is blind, he needs my help. I can cook for him, serve his food, and at the same time earn extra money. My husband is happy with this work. I buy household things with my money. Before, we couldn’t eat three times a day. Sometimes, we couldn’t pay house rent on time. But now, there is no more poverty. We have peace and good relationships. I want to continue my work with Basha Enterprises. I am saving money and hope that one day I will build my own house.