Your donations help
more women and children
escape the cycle
of poverty and abuse. 
Please partner with us.

Partner with us

Donations to Friends of Basha, our non profit partner, help us transition more women out of exploitative situations, help children leave the streets or unsafe home life, and help us meet desperate needs in our community. As a 503(c)3 nonprofit organization, your donations to Friends of Basha are tax deductible. (Amounts quoted in USD).

Donate here or visit the Friends of Basha website for more information.


$30 provides day care and tutoring for one child for a month.

$80 supports an adolescent girl in Basha’s hostel for one month, ensuring her safety, a home-like environment, education, and community support.

$100 provides two women money for living expenses for one month while they prepare for a job at Basha (programme duration, six months).

$300 covers overheads for a month of Basha’s training programme which provides training and rehabilitation for women wanting a chance to rebuild their lives through job skill training, education, counselling and social support (programme duration, six months).


Thank you for your support to create new opportunities for women and children.


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