Artisan Connections

Basha’s Dhaka office is surrounded by garments factories. A woman arrives every day with a sea of others, sews piece after piece, returns home. You may be wearing her work, but you never get a chance to connect with the story behind it. How did she come to work in Dhaka? How far is she from her family? How many people does her income support? What dreams will be realized through this job? Which dreams will end through this job? What is her work environment like? Difficult? Dangerous?


Since our inception, we’ve wanted Basha to be different. We want you to know the woman who made your products. We want you to see her proud smile. We want you to hear the dreams she has for her future. We want you to have a glimpse into her life. Simultaneously, we want her to see the value of her handwork in your eyes: an Australian baby wrapped in a cozy blanket; a colourful bed adorned with a Basha spread in Canada; a European gent in a Basha bow tie. The World Fair Trade Federation’s principals include transparency and accountability but we want to go a step further and truly connect.


dignify​ customer Samantha just sent a message to Meghla through our Artisan Connection page of our website that sums up perfectly what we aim to achieve. “It makes me very pleased to know that my baby niece will be using a blanket which has indirectly helped another baby, and I know my sister will be happy to know she’s helped a fellow mother. After all we are all sisters are we not?”


Yes, Samantha, we are all sisters. And the more bridges we can build between us, the better our world will be. Tell your Basha artisan why you like her work.


“Where humanity

sowed faith, hope, and unity,

joy’s garden blossomed.” – Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams


“Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.”

- Charles Eames

  • Growing into big shoes.
  • Story time
  • House of hope.