Dhaka - Textile

I am Arzu Akter. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises. My life was helpless before I came here. My husband expected to have a baby boy but when he saw I delivered a baby girl, he left me. I had no food at home. I had no other options except begging. I used to beg in the street all day with my little girl.


One of CUP’s (Children Uplift Programme) staff saw me in the saint’s graveyard and she brought me to CUP. I never received the kind of love and care from anyone or any place that I have received from CUP. They were very kind and loving. They helped me to have confidence that I can earn and provide for my family. I had a great desire in my heart to have tailoring training and that dream was fulfilled through CUP. I am waiting for a better future.


I will buy a sewing machine and in my free time, I want to make clothes for my neighbors. I want to buy a piece of land where I can build a house so I won’t go back to the street. Even if my husband doesn’t live with me, I can stay safely with my daughter in my own house.