Artisan: textiles

My name is Airen. I work at the textile department at Basha Enterprises Ltd. I had a very difficult time before joining at Children Uplift Program (CUP). Most of the time, I had no food at home. My husband did not like to work. He worked whenever he wanted to, and when he did not work, I had to starve. When I got married, my family did not want to accept my marriage. My husband left me when I was three months pregnant. My mother-in-law drove me out of her house. I went to my mother’s house. I had no food to eat. At that time, I learned about CUP’s service and joined the program. My husband returned before I gave birth to my daughter. This work has changed my life. Before, I had to live in my mother’s house. Also, my husband was not caring, and he was addicted to drugs. He left me numerous times. Now, he is more loving. I didn’t have anything before—no furniture, utensils or daily items except for a bed. Now, I have bought all the necessary items and decorated my house with many types of furniture. I am very happy. My husband now works regularly and we are guiding our family together. I pray that I can continue my work here and live a dignified life.