Dhaka - Textile

My name is Lima. I work in the textile department of BASHA Enterprises. I came to Dhaka with my elder sister to work in a garment factory. I had an arranged marriage, but no one knew that my husband had two wives. I am his third wife. When my son was two years old, my husband left me. I took shelter at my father’s house but he is very poor. He didn’t have enough earning for himself, so how could he provide for me? I couldn’t bear any more starving.


One of my neighbors brought me to CUP. I loved CUP’s program. Their teaching, serving attitude, care… everything is very good. My life has been changed through their kind behavior. Whenever my son was sick, they took care of him. When I faced any difficulties, they counseled me. Even I didn’t receive this amount of love from my parents.


Now I am working at Basha Enterprises, which I love. Through this work, I have received dignity and respect from my family members. Now they honor me and value my decisions. My dream for my son is for him to have honorable work and a better position in this society. I want to save money to help with my son’s education.