Aleya K.

Jewelry- Dhaka

My name is Aleya Khatun. I am getting training at Basha Enterprises at Jewelry department. After finishing my high school exam, I ran away from my home to marry my boyfriend. But he refused to marry me. I was in a helpless condition. I thought of committing suicide. There was no way to go back to my family. At that time, I got shelter at Children Uplift Program (CUP). They helped me to continue my study. After finishing college, I started working at the beauty parlor. They did not pay me. I want to study more. I joined at Basha Enterprises so I can earn money for my future study. I want to be a nurse. I am preparing to enroll in a nursing university. When I left my house, I had only one dream that was to marry and be a homemaker. After my boyfriend’s refusal, my dream shattered. But when he married to another woman I started to see a new dream for my life. I want to move forward. God has given me a second life. I want to serve my country people through my profession.