Asma A.

Mymensingh - Textile

My name is Asma. I am from Mymensingh. I have two daughters, Mithila and Tisha, and one son, Anik. They love going to Basha’s day care. I hope they will become good people as they grow up. I trained at Pobitra for nine months.


Before starting this training, I worked on the streets. My relationship with my husband was not good and my life was very painful. Since then my life has changed greatly. Now I am working with Basha Enterprises. I like my job and the way staff members treat all the women at the office.


I want to work with Basha for my whole life. I can now contribute to my family’s income, and my goal is to buy some land in my father-in-law’s village. My relationship with my husband is getting better every day.