My name is Beauty. I was raised in my grandmother’s house. They arranged my marriage but my husband left me when I was three months pregnant. I came to Dhaka to live with my parents. My husband did not return to me because he wanted to have a baby boy but I gave birth to a baby girl.


Eventually he married someone else. I enrolled in Children’s Uplift Programme‘s training programme and I loved it there. Everyone was so helpful and showed me so much love. I received training in many areas. I did not know how to read or write before attending CUP’s training, but now I can!


I am excited to work at Basha Enterprises. I am learning to make jewellery items. When I get my salary at the end of the month and  it makes me very happy. I would so much rather work hard than begging or earning money by selling myself. My parents and neighbors respect me and value my work.


I did not have any dream for myself but now I have a dream for my daughter. I will enroll her in school and help her finish her education. I hope she will become a doctor or an engineer one day .