I am Bithi. I work in Basha’s jewellery department. My husband was drug addicted and didn’t want to work. I could not go to my parents’ house because they did not like my husband.


One of my neighbours brought me at CUP when I was pregnant with my son. Because of my family problems, I left CUP many times. I tried to work at garments factory but my son was very small and they did not provide any care for him. I returned to CUP for training in life skills and other helpful topices.


I was very hot tempered. Whenever I got angry I used to say painful words to others. Now I can control my anger. I do not want to hurt others any more through my words or actions. I am thankful to God that He gave me an opportunity to work here. I can keep my son in day care where he is safe. I also devote myself to my work. I want to live in peace with my family.