Dhaka - Textile

My name is Joya Akter. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises. I previously was studying at school. My parents died within one year. Then I started living with my brother’s family but his wife didn’t treat me well.


I ran away from his house and got shelter in another organization. There I met my husband and got married. When I was pregnant, my husband didn’t take care of me.

I came to CUP (Children Uplift Program) who supported me for the birth of my firstborn child. After one month, my daughter died and I could not accept her sudden death. I became mentally ill. At that time my husband left me and married another woman. I was sick for a long time. CUP’s love and care helped me to heal little by little.

I tried to work at a garments factory, but life outside is very hard. I had to work up until midnight. I couldn’t continue working there. After three months I quit my job and returned to CUP. I find peace, love and comfort here.


I love to work at Basha Enterprises because we have a regular office hour. We receive other facilities like medical, paid leave, mental support and more. We participate in classes where I can learn many things which will help me to develop my skills. I also feel comfortable working here because we are all females and it feels very safe. I am encouraged to see how some of the women have been promoted to be leaders and they are doing a great job. I dream one day I also will be promoted to become an administrative staff member.