My name is Kajal. My parents died when I was around three years old so my grandparents raised me. When I was ten I went to live with my uncle but his wife abused me and I ran away. My troubles only got worse after that. I thought things would get better when I got married but my husband was addicted and he didn’t provide for us. So many nights I couldn’t sleep because I didn’t know how I’d provide for my son and my daughter.

My life has changed so much since I joined Basha. Now I can earn money and use my earnings for my family. I like the working environment at Basha. All the women who are working here help me a lot.Here I can share many things and talk openly with everybody.

Before coming here, people would talk badly about me. I didn’t have any respect in society. Now I can tell people about my work and they respect me. I am earning money and I can use this money for my family. I have enrolled my children in school. I didn’t have the opportunity to study as a child but I don’t want my children to face the same situation I faced. My dream is to read so that I can teach my children. I am learning to read at Basha! I want my children to be well educated and to live in society with respect.