My name is Koli. I just started working with Basha in January 2021. I completed my training from
CUP (Children Uplift Program) and joined here at Basha as a producer.
I like to work at Basha because the working environment is good. I have two daughters by the
grace of God. They are 11 and 3 years old. My future dream is for my daughters to grow and
have a good education. I want to help them grow to have as much ability as I have. I want to be
a good producer. I want to give the necessary things to my daughters and for them to go to
school regularly. If I see someone in a difficult situation, I would tell her about this office so she
can work here if she likes. I would support her. I work as a producer and then after going home I
also do my household chores. When my husband cannot provide finances, I support my
daughters. I am a new producer so I sew small kanthas and cushion covers. I wish to improve
my sewing every day. Other producers helped me to do well at the beginning. I cannot yet help
anyone in sewing kanthas because I am a new producer, but I help them with other work. I
began this job after many years of marriage, so I am happy. Please pray for me that I can
continue my work.