Kolpona name label



My name is Kolpona. I am working in the textile department in the Bhaluka branch of Basha.


I have two daughters. I am separated from my husband as he was not talking care of me and my children. He was physically abusive. My daughters and I were in the darkest phase of our life; so I left him. My daughters and I were living a floating life. I had no money source, no place to stay. I was moving between my brother’s house and other relatives. I couldn’t send my daughters to school. I sent my elder daughter to live with my brother and his family.


Finally I was able to get training from Children’s Uplift Programme sewing blankets. From there, I joined Basha. Now I have my own house to live in. My younger daughter is going to school and doing well. I can save some money after I pay for my household expenses and my daughter’s education.


I believe I will have a better future for my daughter, thanks to Basha.