Salma K.

Dhaka - Textile

My name is Salma K.. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises. I was previously a beggar on the street. People used to comment badly, “You have hands and other parts of your body, can’t you work?” “Why do you beg?” and much more. I didn’t like to hear all of these words. I don’t know who my parents are. I was raised in my foster parents’ house. They also died at my young age.

I stayed in many organizations. I met my husband in a garment factory. I could not live in my mother in-law’s house because I could not pay dowry. My life was so empty; no love, peace or food at home.


CUP (Children’s Uplift Programme) has given me a new life. CUP’s training equipped me for dignified work. By sewing blankets, I am now earning money every month. My children can eat three times a day and I can pay my house rent. Most of the time my husband lives in his second wife’s house. Even if my husband does not stay with me, I am not afraid anymore.

I have enrolled my son in school. I work here safely. No one says anything bad to me anymore. I am respected by my neighbors. My dream is to one day have my own house. I will live there happily with my children.