Mukta L

Artisan: Jewellery

My name is Mukta. I work at Basha in the jewellery department. When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband left me. My in-laws did not want to bear the cost for my baby’s delivery. I left my in-laws house and took shelter in my friend’s house who worked at Basha Enterprises. My friend brought me to CUP. When I came to CUP my pain was gone because I found I was not alone in this world. I wasn’t the only one who had problems, and there are many women like me facing difficulties.


I received much teaching at CUP which helped me to have better relationships with my husband and others. I am trying to be a better mother. I have some previous experience of doing handicrafts. For this reason I chose to work at Basha Enterprise’s jewellery department. Here I am paid once a month. At the end of the month when I receive my salary I become very happy.


My husband has come back and he is more responsible than before. Now I have love and peace in my life. I hope my two daughters will receive education and their future will be bright.