My Name is Munta. My mother died when I was only six years old. My elder sister and brother took care of me. I was only able to study until I was nine years old.I had to stop my education because my brother and sister were too young to earn money and no one could afford the school fees.I was married to my cousin.He is very lazy and doesn’t like to work I couldn’t stay with him because I was scared of him.I have a daughter. She is three years old.I would have loved to be a doctor if I had been able to continue my education. But now I am happy because I have a job and I can afford to send my daughter to school.I want to give her a bright future. Now she is staying at Basha’s daycare and I don’t have to worry about her while I work.I feel very happy when I see that Basha staff love my daughter and take good care of her.I didn’t have a safe environment, but at Basha I am able to give my daughter a safe and nice environment.