My name is Nodi. I work at Basha Enterprises. Poverty has changed my life. My husband did not do anything. There was no food, no peace but fight and arguments all the time. My husband used to beat me. He left me when my son was five months old. My mother does not have the ability to support me. I started begging in the street.


In that situation, I got shelter at CUP (Children Uplift Program). My life has been changed through their service. I have received the love that  I longed for but never get from my family members. I got training from CUP  which equipped me to live a better life.


Now I have a shelter. I am working in a safe place with my son. When I receive my salary I become very happy. My husband has come back and started working. I am supporting my husband. I want to continue my work here until my son grows up. I hope one day my son will be a teacher or get an honorable job in the government office. I am working hard to build a better future for my son.