artisan label Ojufa



My parents died when I was young. I went to live with my aunt and uncle, but I was abused in this home. Abuse and exploitation followed me most of my life. Wherever I went, my bad luck followed me. After years of pain, I got married and had a son. I fled to Dhaka when my son was one month old because I couldn’t bear the abuse of my mother in law any longer. One of my neighbours took me to Basha’s Dhaka partner organization, Children’s Uplift Programme.


Now I have joined Basha Enterprises. I am working hard now to earn my living. In my past life, I also worked hard but there was no dignity. Now I have dignity in my life. I have found security in my life. No man is harassing me. I can share my burdens with others. I want a settled life. I believe God will bless my work and one day my son will wipe away all my tears.