I am Sonia. I work at jewelry department. I had a very painful childhood. Whenever I remember my past I burst into tear.I got married at a young age. My husband was very abusive. My in-laws also tortured me for dowry. My husband wanted to have a baby boy but I gave birth to a baby girl. After giving birth to my daughter my husband became more abusive. I could not bear any more.I ran out to my mother’s house and divorced him.


When I came to Basha’s partner, Children’s Uplift Programme, I felt it was like heaven to me. They have helped me in many ways. I received different kinds of training which helped me to dream for a bright future.

I joined Basha Enterprise to fulfill my dream. My daughter is safe here. My childhood was not happy so I want to protect my daughter. I do not want her to suffer like me. I love working at Basha. Their rules and service both are good for us. I want to save money for my daughter’s future.