Dhaka - Textile

My name is Parveen. I work in Basha’s textile department. I previously was a street beggar. My husband was a rickshaw driver. Most of the time, he did not go to work. I have four children. Sometimes my husband left us for three to four months. At that time we did not have anything to eat.


I had to work as a house helper or beg. In that situation I got an opportunity at CUP‘s training and rehabilitation programme. I have learned many things from CUP. I did not know how to read or write. Now I am literate. My children are going to school and at the same time I am also learning. When my husband saw that I was earning, he came back. My life has been changed in many ways.


I was a quarrelsome woman. Now I do not quarrel any more. I focus on my work. I am very happy that I have received so much training. Without any education or training, I had few options to provide for my family. Now I am equipped for dignified work. For my future life, I dream of buying a sewing machine. Eventually I hope to return to my village and set up my own tailoring business.