Dhaka - Textile

My name is Rahima.I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprises. My husband is drug addicted. He is a driver. Whatever money he earns, he uses to buy his drugs. At one point, I had a fight with my husband and fled from my house. I took shelter in a Saints’ graveyard. There I started begging to feed my two sons.


One of my neighbors gave me CUP (Children Uplift Program’s address). CUP has changed my life. I received many kinds of training and support there. When my husband saw I was doing well, even without his help, he came back to me. I learned to make blankets, jewelry items, bags, embroidery and more. I also learned how to operate a professional sewing machine. I received training in tailoring, health, nutrition, first aid, and parenting. I previously didn’t know many things but after coming here I learned how to take care of my children.

My first son died of typhoid. I didn’t know what the cause of typhoid was. Now I learned and I am trying my best to take care of the family. I am looking forward to working at Basha Enterprise. I can earn more money than I received at CUP. I have the opportunity to earn more if I can sew more products.


Now I am confident that even if I do not have a job, I can do many things at home with the training I have received from CUP. I won’t ever go back to the street. My prayer is that my children will become better people in society. Their life will never be like mine. They will do dignified work.