artisan label Rashida


Bhaluka - Textile

My name is Rashida. My husband did not want to have any children. When I was pregnant with our first two children, I went to my mother’s home for delivers. When I was pregnant with our third child he again left me. Too ashamed to return again to my mother’s house, I stayed at the Mazar (a local religious shrine where women and children can receive charity but there is also a high risk of exploitation).


There I met Children’s Uplift Programme’s outreach worker who introduced me to their programme. I got a new life through CUP. If I had not found CUP I don’t know how my life would have turned out.


Now that I have completed my training at CUP, I am working at Basha. I have seen my life change so much. I am never late coming to work so that I will not miss anything. I have three children. I don’t have any land or house in my home village so my children will be left without shelter if anything happens to me.


I will work hard to save money to buy land  and to build a house. Now my husband has returned home. I dream that my children will go to school and will have a better life than I had. They will not suffer like me.