Dhaka - Textile

My name is Ria. I work at Basha Enterprises in the textile department. When I was very young, my parents got divorced and abandoned me. My grandmother and uncles were around but they didn’t protect me or care for me. I was living on the streets throughout the day.

I met a staff member of Basha’s partner organization, Children’s  Uplift Programme who invited me to join their training programme.  At first, I don’t wanted to come but eventually I did. I have received so much love and care from them. If I had received this kind of affection in my childhood, my life would not be like this. I am happy that I have an opportunity to work at Basha. Now I have learned how to behave well with others, and how to take care of my child. I am proud of my work. My son loves to be in the day care. I love being able to tell others that I have a job at Basha.  My husband is also taking a good care of me. I can manage my family well. I will try my best to educate my son. I hope that he will have a bright future.