My name is Roza. I lost my father when I was 10 years old. My mother left me with my grandmother and married another man. After my grandmother’s death my uncles took care of me and I got the chance to study up to class five. I used to beg in the street with other children. My uncle arranged my marriage with his son. My husband is a sweeper. He doesn’t go to work regularly. I had to beg for food. Basha’s partner, Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP) has given me a new life. I learned new skills to earn money. I had a son who died at six months old but now I am pregnant again. But I am working and I can work hard so that I don’t need to depend on others. Basha Enterprises has given me the opportunity of dignified work. I have some debt that I will pay back by working here. I like working here. Many women work together. They help me if I can’t do anything. They encourage me. I want to continue my work at Basha Boutique. Even if I face difficulties I will not lose heart. I will move forward. I am hopeful that I will succeed in my life.