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Salma L


My name is Salma. I am 30 years old. I am married. I heard about this training program from an organization where my husband works. I was in the brothel for 15 months. I left the brothel when I got married. Our income was very low. I always wanted to support my husband but I am not well educated. When I heard about this Basha training program that not only teaches us sewing, but also provides us adult literacy, I was so excited to join.


Now I can read and write Bangla words and I know how to sign my name in Bangla and English. I learned Bangla and English computer typing and took a basic English course. I also learned kantha blanket sewing and tailoring. I am confident now that no one can take advantage of me because now I am independent. When I joined this training program, my relatives and neighbors tried to stop me but I had faith. My dream is to buy land and support my husband through continuing to work at Basha.