My name is Fatema Khatun Samira. For the past 2 years I experienced a very difficult time in my life. I have my parents but I have not had shelter because they do not accept my sister and I. I spent a good childhood, but I lost all of my happiness and love from my family when I was raped by a man who then pressured me into marrying him. After I gave birth to our daughter, he divorced me, took away my child and remarried. I was left with nothing. Now I am living at the Basha hostel in Jessore. I want to work hard and to change my life. I want my daughter back with me but at present I have nothing to provide to meet the needs of my daughter. But now I am so happy and thankful to Basha that I have a place to stay with love, safety and care. I completed my training and started working with Basha’s production team this month. I really want to work hard and save money for my future. I believe one day I will get my daughter back and give her a bright future.