Dhaka - Textile

My name is Shabnur. I want to work in the textile department of BASHA Enterprise to change my life. When my daughter was eight months old my husband left us. I didn’t know that he had another wife. When he left us, we didn’t have food to eat. I couldn’t pay my house rent.


One of CUP’s clients brought me to CUP. Through CUP’s service, I have found hope to live. I found everything I needed; shelter, toiletries, life skill training, literacy, teaching on health, nutrition etc. I had no faith in God but now I have found Him. Whenever I need, I can call upon His name. I have received a job at BASHA Enterprise through CUP. I could get work in a garments factory but at Basha my child is with me, safe in Basha’s day care. I can work without any tension. All of my co-workers are female. Everyone is very cooperative.I love the working environment here.

I dream that my child will become a doctor and serve the poor people.