I am Shahinur. I work at Basha’s jewellery department. I have two children. My husband did not provide for us. Sometimes he left us for two to three months without food. I worked at cotton factory. There was no day care and my children were left alone playing in the street. They got sick easily.


In that situation I came to Basha’s partner organisation, Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP). Since then my life has changed. I learned many things from CUP. I was encouraged by CUP’s staffs. They were like my parents. I have received much love and affection from them. The trainings I received at CUP had helped to grow my confidence.


Now I am confident that I can run my family. I joined Basha Enterprise because I know I can earn enough for my family through my work. My colleagues are very helpful. Whenever I do not know how to make a certain thing, they help me. I do not want wealth. I only want to see that my children have received better education. When they will grow up and build their career they will appreciate my hardship. I am looking forward to my dreams coming true.