artisan label Shanta



My name is Shanta. I work in the textile department at Basha Enterprise.


When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband left me. My mother in-law and other relatives tried to force me to abort the child, but I did not listen to them. My relatives did not stand beside me. I got shelter at the Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP.)


I love to work. I do not like to stay home without doing anything. I want to be self-dependent because if my husband leaves me I will not starve, but can feed my child and survive.


I once worked as an electrician, fixing solar lights. In my childhood I had a dream to be a driver. Now my dream is to be a business woman. I become very happy when I receive my salary.


Even though my husband does not pay house rent or other expenses regularly I am not afraid anymore. I can provide for my daughter and myself through this work. I want to start a shop. Every month I am saving money. I believe one day my dream will be fulfilled.