Bhaluka - Textile
My name is Sathi. I work in textiles at Basha. My husband did not want to take any responsibility for my daughter and I. He left us when I was pregnant with my second child. I did not receive any shelter from my father’s house.
 So my fate brought me to the Mazar (A religious shrine where people can receive charity but also where they are at risk of trafficking and exploitation). One of CUP’s staff brought me to Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP). I love CUP very much. Their teaching has changed my life. Now I cannot involve myself in any kind of bad work. I received training in sewing and embroidery. I have learned how to work hard. I am also getting regular literacy classes.
My dream was to be a school teacher. I could not fulfill my dream but I look forward to working at Basha Enterprises. I will work hard and try my best to educate my children. I hope their lives will be better and brighter than my life.