Dhaka - Textile

My name is Sati. I work in the textile department of BASHA Enterprises. Before coming at CUP I barely ate three times a day. My husband lived in the Mazar (A religious shrine where people can receive charity but also where they are at risk of trafficking and exploitation). He didn’t come home regularly. My husband has another wife so he didn’t provide for my daily needs. I was living a miserable life with my child. We are five children from my parents. My parents also couldn’t help me. In this terrible situation, I joined CUP’s training program.


It was a blessing from God that I found shelter at CUP. I have learned many things through CUP’s training. Before coming to CUP, I used to beg. Now I have learned that I should be satisfied with whatever I have. I don’t beg anymore. I am happy with the amount I earn every month. I never thought of earning money through dignified work. Now I am self-reliant. I received much love through this program. I didn’t get this kind of love anywhere. In my childhood, I couldn’t go to school. Here I have learned reading and writing. I also learned how to work together in a loving, friendly environment.


I dream of a home where there will be peace, love and joy. I wish my daughter will have a better life. She will finish her studies and get good work so she will not be dependent on anyone.