My name is Shumi Akter. I work at Basha Enterprises in the textile department. I have two sons and one daughter. Once my husband had typhoid and he lost his sight. After that, my son had to beg for our living. I worked in the street as a day laborer. The life was very difficult. I had to work the whole day under the hot sun. My children were alone at home. I have received a new life at Basha’s partner training programme in Children’s Uplift Programme. They showed me love and affection. I learned how to read and write. My behavior has changed. My children were sick but they received treatment here. I am thankful to God that He gave me an opportunity to work at Basha. I had never been able to send my older son to school but now both my children are going to school. One day they will be highly educated and they will get honorable jobs. My husband is not able to earn enough for the family but now I have confidence that I can provide for us. Many women are working at Basha Enterprises. I get courage when I see them working together.