Dhaka - Textile

I am Swarna. I work in the textile department of Basha Enterprises. I took training from Pobitra. At the time of my wedding, my mother promised them to give the dowry, but she couldn’t give. For this reason, my husband and mother in-law used to beat me severely. One day I ran away from my mother in-law’s house. I was crying helplessly and a staff from Pobitra found me in the street and she took me with her at Pobitra. At that time, I was pregnant. After finishing my training at Pobitra, I couldn’t join them for work because there was no space. I started working as a house helper. My mother took care of my son. My mother wanted more money from me. When I couldn’t give her money, she used to bring other men at home so I could sleep with them and earn extra money. I didn’t like to do that, but my mother forced me. When I didn’t want to listen to her, she used to beat me. I became pregnant again through one of those men who came to my home. My mother abused me and I had no place to go. One day, Pobitra found me and brought back to their office. Through them, I got to work at Basha Enterprises. I love this work very much. Here, I have my honor. There is dignity in this work. I want to earn money through a dignified work. I hope that my son won’t know of my past. I pray that my son will be educated and get a good job.