Artisan Name Label Taniya



My name is Tania. I work at Basha’s textile department. Before joining Basha’s partner organisation, Children’s Uplift Programme (CUP), I was a street sales girl. I sold candy in buses and streets. I married a disabled man. He cannot walk. He makes very little for the family by begging.


At first I thought I will learn tailoring and do work at home. So I joined CUP’s training program to get tailoring training. I received so much love and care, I didn’t want to leave. I joined Basha Enterprise because of their working environment. My children are safe in the day care center and I can work.


While I worked in the street as a sales girl I earned more money but there was no honor. I could not tell anyone about my work. Now I can invite my relatives to visit my office. They are very happy to see my work place. I will open a bank account and save money. Eventually I would like to go back to my village and start my own tailoring shop.