Dhaka - Jewellery

My name is Yanur. I am working at Basha Enterprises for almost two years. My life has been changed since I started working at Basha Enterprises. There was always poverty in my home. I barely could eat three meals in a day. There were fights and quarrels all the time. Now, I have peace in my family. My husband also earns. We have enough to eat, give house rent, and spend for other needs. During special occasions, we can give gifts to our relatives. I can buy whatever I want. I am learning new things every day, which helps me to build good relationships with my neighbors and colleagues. My spiritual life has grown. I have a closer relationship with God. I have opened a bank account. I deposit money every month. I bought a cow last year. My father in-law takes care of it. There will be more cows from one. When I will sell it, I will get more money. I am saving money for my daughter’s education. I want my daughter to be a doctor. I do not want to work anywhere. I want to fulfill my dreams through Basha Enterprises.