Artisan: Jewellery

My name is Yeasmin. I work in the jewellery department of Basha Enterprises. I am my husband’s third wife. My husband left me without any notice. Left alone with my three children, I could not pay my rent or even buy food for my children. I had to run away from my landlord because I could not pay my rent.


I borrowed money from others to feed my children. In this situation I came to Basha’s partner organization, CUP. I had many kind of sickness and CUP had helped me recover from this illness. I have never received the amount of love from anyone that I got from CUP. I received training in life skills and many other topics like child protection, nutrition, and literacy. My life has been changed through these trainings. My husband also has returned. I have hope for my future.


I choose to work at Basha Enterprise because I do not want my children to be abused like me. Basha Enterprises provides daycare for my children.  During my work time my children can be at daycare where they are safe there. I enjoy my work here. I am paying back my debt. I am also saving money for my children’s education expenses. I believe one day they will be educated and have a better life.