Textile - Dhaka

My name is Yesmin. I work at Basha Enterprises in the textile department. My husband was very abusive. He used to beat me all the time. Once he hanged me from the ceiling to kill me. At that time, my neighbors saved me. In this abusive family, I did not have any food. I was pregnant. I could not work at garments. I started begging from door to door. In this situation, I heard about Children Uplift Program (CUP). I came and begged them to receive me. They accepted me in their training program. After finishing my training, I started working at Basha Enterprises. Here I receive love and comfort from staff and other co-workers. I get different kinds of teaching which is helpful to lead my family. I did not have any relationship with God but now I pray in His name every day. I am happy that I have a job here. Now I can eat three times a day and I can pay my house rent. I hope I can give my son a bright future through working here.