Basha Shop

When you hear their stories you might cry. When you see them now, you marvel. Their strength and fortitude as they come daily and work away is inspirational. But trauma leaves a trail. And we see that trail, especially on hot days when tempers flare. Or when sickness makes it’s rounds. Or when space is tight. Or when stress at home pervades work. Or when a gentle request is misconstrued. We started out fining for these outbursts which shatter the peace. But when your budget’s tight and your responsibilities huge, that only makes things worse, and tension leads to more outbursts. Staff put their heads together and came up instead with the Basha ‘Shop’. Each day women get points for attendance, helpfulness, promptness, participation… Points are subtracted for outbursts. Every Wednesday women use their points to purchase things from the ‘shop’. There is a wide variety of items, thanks to donations made to Basha. There are clothes for men, women and children, school bags, jewellery, hand bags, shoes, candles, trinkets, children’s items, toiletries. With donated money we buy staples such as rice and dal (lentils). We are grateful to all who have made this possible through your donations.