Behind the Scenes Part 1: The Commercial and Finance Team

Last week we sent out our biggest Christmas order with a big sigh of relief! As wholesalers, getting our textiles, Christmas decorations and jewellery products boxed and sent off to retail partners all over the world in time for the holidays is a big job.


Let us introduce you to a few of the people who do so much to keep things running smoothly. Basha’s Commercial and Finance Team is kept busy purchasing materials, packing boxes, creating invoices, paying wages, and making trips to the bank. Most importantly, they serve others through their work. We asked them to tell you a bit more about themselves:


First, our Commercial and Finance Officer, Dedarul Islam Ripon (call him Ripon) will tell you a bit about himself:


“Sarah is our lovely daughter and she is five years old. My wife, Shimul, is taking care our family. I enjoy traveling, helping others, learning and sharing my knowledge, photography, playing cricket.


I am enjoying working at Basha where I have an opportunity to help our society. I can show my love to people, particularly those who have been neglected, through my work. I am proud that I have chance to work at Basha.


One challenge we face is that many of the artisans we work with are completely different minded and they don’t know how to plan ahead or how to improve themselves. They can be very emotional and they struggle to understand and follow office policies. They need a lot of guidance and support in order to improve their lives. We are able to love them and help them to improve their ways of thinking, ways of working and ways of living.


As a member of the Commercial/Finance team, I am trying to talk with them gently yet directly to help them understand how to be successful in their work. I have learned to always love other people as we love ourselves and try to help them accordingly.”


Shornali just joined Basha in July as an Accountant. She tells us this:


“In my family we are five members; me, my dad and mom, my younger brother and sister. I am the eldest daughter in the family. Working at Basha is such a blessing for me! When I first heard about Basha, I was really inspired by the story. I felt encouraged to work for these beautiful women who had gone through such a hard time before joining Basha. I love serving the helpless and working for them. It is nice to work in a Christian atmosphere and with amazing and friendly colleagues.


“About me, my first and favorite thing is travelling; knowing different culture and discovering new things. I am interested in learning different languages as well. I enjoy music, painting, handcraft, creative cooking, photography, skating and bicycling. I love children and spending time with them.


“In my position, sometimes it is challenging to manage the women when they are collecting their salary. Otherwise, honestly, I have not found much to be too challenging as everyone is really nice and kind at Basha.”


Jeromio Rony Roy, who goes by Rony, has been working with us since 2012 and is one of our longest serving Admin staff. He currently is the Export and Supply Chain Coordinator. Rony lives with his mother, his wife, Dalisa Flabia Roy, and his three year old son, Jerieil Neer Roy. Rony likes to travel in his free time.


Here is what Rony has to say about working at Basha.


“I learned a lot from working at Basha. Here I found some people who are different from others and their way of doing things are special and extraordinary.”


When asked about challenges he faces at work and how he manages it, Rony says, “Nothing is impossible. I can manage all the challenges at work by remembering this.”

Due to the commitment and dedication of the Commercial and Finance team, we are able to get Basha products everywhere from Calgary to Chicago to Auckland in time for you to buy Christmas gifts that give back to the artisans who made them. Their commitment to serve women at risk and survivors of trafficking shows in all they do.


“A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force.” -Idowu Koyenikan

  • Ripon, Shornali, and Rony are Basha's finance team
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