A brave journey through sadness and sickness

O Shati. You started with us the day Basha began. The loss and abandonment you experienced most of your life clouded your choices. Your journey never was easy. Parenting your daughter when you’d never had a good example yourself I know was hard.


After years of hoping your husband would love you like you’d never been loved, he left for good. But eventually, you married again, miscarried, and tried again for a baby. Your body, weak and tired, couldn’t cope. Your premature son died, and your kidneys were damaged.


And now, young mom though you are, child-like though that smile is, your kidneys are failing and we fear we are losing you.


We grieve for your daughter Sadia and the prospect of her growing up without her mom. At only 7, she seems oblivious to how her world might change. When her mom is hospitalized, Sadia stays in our girls home, where she’s with people she knows and where she can continue in school.


We wish we could rely on grandparents, aunts and uncles, but they have not been helpful for Shati’s care and they do not provide a good place for Sadia to grow up. Shati has prepared a legal document declaring her desire for her daughter to be in the custody of our partner NGO, Children’s Uplift Programme if she loses her mother so that we can find a good place for her to grow up.


Shati is preparing to start dialysis. She has to travel back and forth to hospitals 1-2 hours from where she lives, but so far she has been able to do this. Her husband has been supportive and helpful to her.


If you pray, please pray for Shati. If you are interested in supporting her medical care, please donate through this link and write ‘medical care’ in the notes.

 On November 3rd, Shati passed away. She had been undergoing dialysis for around 8 months. She was working on days she didn’t have treatment. She spent her last day with her colleagues, and they seemed to have had a good day. Shati’s decline was quick and she died on the way to the hospital. All her Dhaka colleagues, her husband, and her daughter were able to view her body, and take her to her burial site. We sat together at Basha to remember her and celebrate her together. Her daughter, Sadia, is in our Friends of Basha home where she is in a community that she knows where she is loved and cared for. 


You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” – Cayla Mills

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