Close Call

She ran home for lunch and left her young daughter with her mother. But her mother didn’t realize, and by evening time Mim was gone. A neighbor saw sweet Nim unattended and took her, sold her, a mere $57, but it’s likely another sale was in the works. They searched and searched, took a loud system through the area, and finally got enough information to find out who had taken her. By force they found out the area she had been taken and tracked her down. The family wouldn’t give up their purchase until the police were contacted, but we are now celebrating. Mim is back, her mother’s tearful, prayerful vigil is ended, and we are freshly aware of how we must train and protect those we love.


To add an update a few days later: the people who helped were demanding pay. The people jailed were set free. I couldn’t understand why there seemed to be no paperwork from the arrest. They want no trail when those arrested bribe their way free. And how many children will be trafficked in the future because no one cares about the children of the poor and powerless.


“Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system.” — Dorothy Day