Follow Basha’s journey as it unfolds.
Tipping your cap
Basha Presents Sonié Joi Ruffin
10 Aug ‘20
From lost child to caring mother- In her words
12 May ‘19
Mother's day and fair trade day
Celebrating motherhood and opportunity
12 May ‘18
I made your jewellery.
Happy endings for exploited workers
27 Apr ‘18
Life is precious
A brave journey through sadness and sickness
5 Feb ‘18
We Are Bobbinhood! #gifthope
1 Jan ‘18
victory day flag
Celebrate Freedom
16 Dec ‘17
Study time.
A journey of learning
24 Sep ‘17
Opportunity at Basha.
In her words, *Forida
22 Aug ‘17
Together we make a difference in the lives of children.
Children connecting across the miles
27 Nov ‘16
Practice, practice, practice
Ready for anything
29 Sep ‘16
Basha Team
Behind the scenes, part three: Basha’s Mymensingh Production Centre
14 Sep ‘16
Dignified work
In her words: Aasia’s journey to dignity
30 Jul ‘16
karla with artisans 01
A Year of Growth and Giving: Karla Hovde
28 May ‘16
Sonia blog article 2
Mourning Lost Dreams
29 Mar ‘16
Getting dressed up.
Hope amidst heartbreak
17 Mar ‘16
Left to right, Munni, Baby and Shima
Behind the scenes, part 2: Basha’s Production Team
1 Mar ‘16
Play time
Basha celebrates a successful year
21 Dec ‘15
Behind the Scenes Part 1: The Commercial and Finance Team
14 Dec ‘15
Unique kantha
The Basha Brand Means Quality and Hope
17 Nov ‘15
Growing into big shoes.
Artisan Connections
12 Oct ‘15
English lessons.
A Volunteer Perspective by Naiya Hernandez
23 Sep ‘15
Shared light signifying hope.
A fresh start for women living in the shadow of a brothel
9 Aug ‘15
quote 2_2
Let’s be fair
9 May ‘15
Hope doesn’t come easy
19 Apr ‘15
Heather Davies at the gala
Beauty from Ashes
21 Feb ‘15
Basha Beginnings
27 Jan ‘15
Basha cuppa
17 Nov ‘14
Basha Shop
13 Aug ‘14
Close Call
17 May ‘14
18 Apr ‘14
Remembering Tania
3 Mar ‘14
Who made your clothes?
15 Jan ‘14
A chance for a childhood at Basha’s Hostel for girls
8 Dec ‘13
A good start to life through Children’s Uplift Programme
27 Oct ‘13