We’ve been some sad times at Basha over the last few months- losing Tania’s smile and energy, and her infant daughter we were looking forward to knowing. Experiencing the fear of little Mim being kidnapped and rescued just before being trafficked. Fatema’s father dying.


So when I heard the screams and saw the tears, my heart sunk. It took a while to understand as the words tumbled out, one on top of the other, “I’m not good. I know I’m not good. But now you say I’m good.” Rina had just found out she was selected to be employee of the month!


We started selecting someone about a year ago. It gives us a chance to praise each employee one at a time: to show that we notice, not just the ones who produce the most, but the one who stayed late to help clean up; the one who is always good natured; the one who used to lose her temper all the time, but didn’t all month; the one who didn’t think she could sew that piece but she did.


Rina is clearly surprised she has been selected. “I have so many pains in my heart, but today I forget all these things. I am overwhelmed.


Rina received a new outfit, and her photo plaque joins the others on the wall. And then we start watching for the next woman to honour, hopefully to surprise, and to show her, in one small way, how very special she is.