Hope doesn’t come easy

Today I did not leave the Basha office aglow with all the wonderful changes we’ve seen in the lives of women and children at Basha. Those women and children are still there, yes, but they were not the ones that came to my attention today.


It is the woman who pushes everyone away as a defense of the hurt she’s received her whole life. Today she almost attacked her coworker. It wasn’t the first time.


It’s the three women who can barely function. I see them trying but each line of stitches takes obvious effort and progresses slowly.


It’s the tiny woman around whom a feud has developed with several others. This is the way you survive on the streets. And if that’s where you lived your whole life, can you learn another way?


It’s the woman I met at a brothel yesterday. Powerful and connected in her circles, her demeanor crass and consumed with skepticism. She barely seemed human… until she showed me a picture of her young son.


I shudder at how much trauma some of the women at Basha have experienced. I see the aftermath every day. Today the healing seems impossible…building new lives over such wounds. But let’s see what happens tomorrow.


“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”   -Eleanor Roosevelt

“It is often in the darkest
skies that we see the
brightest stars.”

-Richard Evans