Basha dreams of a day
when women are not
at risk of exploitation
and don't live in fear.
Basha’s vision is to
continue to grow as long
as there are women in
Bangladesh in need
of dignified work.

Our vision focuses on the lives of the women we work with. Each woman’s story varies, but her circumstances have put her at high risk of harm or resulted in her exploitation and abuse. We work with her children too, ensuring the cycle of poverty and victimisation is broken.

Everyone who works at Basha understands that Basha is collectively our business. Each woman’s role is essential to our success and every voice is heard.

Basha hopes that all who work with us will be inspired to dream new dreams and reach ever-increasing standards of excellence, and so we provide ongoing mentoring, training, education, support and encouragement to every artisan.

In all we do, we try to stay true to our Christian roots. This means we believe every woman in our care was created in love and is immeasurably valuable.

Basha aims to connect those who buy our products with those who made them. Remembering one of Basha’s artisans, Parul, who beamed when she said, ‘My blankets have gone all over the world’, we believe that our local and global relationships lift us and make us strong.

Basha’s products celebrate and enrich both Bangladesh and the world it’s a part of. Our designs aim to reflect the heritage and craftsmanship so rich in this region. From sourcing materials through to production and movement of products, we try to make a positive contribution to the local economy and leave a light tread on the earth.