We Are Bobbinhood! #gifthope

This year our gift hope campaign lead to an amazing partnership.  At Basha, we are always looking for like-minded individuals and groups that share our mission and values that we can partner and grow together with.  Basha was extremely lucky that Bobbinhood found us!



Bobbinhood was founded by Barbara De Ru after she found a lack of fairly-created, quality garments for her children.  Bobbinhood believes that all men, women, and children should have access to clothing that is fair, unique, fun and free from slavery and forced labor.  Now that is something we can stand with!  Their manifesto rings true to our mission -

“Let’s free our wardrobe!
Free it from slavery, child labour, pollution
and instead fill every piece with happiness.
Let’s steal fashion back from the industry
and reclaim the love for the product.
Let’s make clothing that doesn’t fill landfills
but simply swells our hearts.
Let’s make people matter
And while we’re at it
Let’s call fashion workers artisans
for that’s what they are!
Let’s empower those artisans.
Let’s make our fashion fair.
Really fair – not ‘fari-for-more-sales-fair’.
Let’s show our kids how to make things,
create things you love.
for the love of the product,
for the love of the artisans,
and the loves of your life.
Let’s do it together for we are Bobbinhood!”

During their after Thanksgiving sales, and to participate in our #gifthope campaign Bobbinhood not only offered their customers a 10% discount, they also donated 10% of their sales to Friends of Basha!  This extremely generous gift will help us get closer to our goal of reaching 72 new women and their children, building a short-term stay hostel, and opening a new centre! This will drastically change the lives of at risk women and children in Bangladesh. Together we can make a difference!


Thank you Bobbinhood, thank you Barbara for your kind and compassion spirits and your desire to fight against slavery and forced labour in the garments industry.  Together we hope this partnership can continue to grow and touch more and more lives.  Here’s to the change makers!


For more information on Barbara and Bobbinhood, please visit: https://www.bobbinhood.com/